Dr. Ulises de Dios Cuadras, expert in ophthalmology *
retina center certified
Dr. Ulises de Dios Cuadras

Dr. Ulises de Dios is an exceptional ophthalmologist with extensive training and experience in retinal surgery and complex retinal diseases.

After graduating with honors from medical school, he received advanced training in two of the most prestigious eye hospitals in Latin America; The Association to Prevent Blindness in Mexico and Conde de Valenciana Institute in Mexico City. He obtained a medical research postgraduate degree and a medical subspecialty in Retina and Vitreous Surgery.

Some of his specialized work includes treating retinal diseases such as retinal detachment, diabetic retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration, and also performing intravitreal injections and vitreoretinal surgery.

He is very interested in keeping a continuous medical education and has played an active role in several medical meetings in Mexico, United States and Europe. He also attended an observership program at Barcelona, Spain.

His clinical and research interests include: Ocular oncology, ocular infections, macular holes, retinal vascular disorders, and ocular trauma. He has been author of scientific manuscripts and articles and continues to participate in research and clinical trials for the advancement of treatment in retinal disorders.

Dr. Ulises checking a patient


Professional Certifications

Research Degree
Subspecialty in Retina and Vitreous, UNAM
Mexican Council of Ophthalmology
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