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Retina Center Tijuana specializes in advanced eye care treatments, especially for retina diseases, complications from diabetes, cataract removal, glaucoma, and laser eye surgery (LASIK).

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Retina Center Tijuana is an internationally renowned Ophthalmology practice that specializes in treating diseases affecting the eye as well as preventative eye care.

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We are board certified and backed by the International Council of Ophthalmology, and the Mexican Council of Ophthalmology.

We strive to provide our patients with advanced technological eye care and to deliver exceptional personalized medical services.

Our medical staff members haver worked with thousands of patients and are happy to answer any questions or provide second opinions.

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Why choose Retina Center Tijuana?

We are passionate about helping people protect or regain their vision, because ultimately preserving your vision helps to preserve your quality of life. We dedicate the time and resources needed to provide personalized treatment and the best results for each of our patients.

Our physicians were trained at the most prestigious medical institutions in Latin America. With experience performing thousands of surgeries, our physicians are here to guide you through the process of improving your eyesight.

At Retina Center, we pride ourselves in investing in advanced medical devices. We hold ourselves to the highest standard of excellence when delivering technologically innovate eye care to our patients. We are also involved in multiple clinical trials given our commitment to the scientific development of new treatments and cures for eye diseases.

We are the closest eye clinic to the US-Mexico border, located in a safe area renowned for medical tourism with valet parking, numerous restaurants, and a 5-star hotel in the same building.

why choose retina center tijuana
What our patients say about us?
Fell free to check out our Facebook, Youtube, or our Testimonials page for more patient testimonials!
"I would recommend it to everyone. The price was excellent, the service was excellent, the level of professionalism of the doctor and nurses have been top notch!"
"I was a slave to eyeglasses until I found Dr. Aureliano Moreno and my life has been changed."
"Nobody wanted to go through the trouble to operate on my eye until I got in contact with Dr. Moreno...I feel great and I would recommend anyone to have faith in Dr. Moreno!"

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